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from what i understand spring and fall are the best times for surf stripers. where are the stripers coming from and headed too? thanks

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The general consensus is that they spend most of the year up north in slightly cooler water with food aplenty.

During the fall they swim back down the coast in search of those perfect spawning waters of the Chesapeake bay (mainly its tributary rivers). This migration down the coast is the "fall run".

now these fish spend a a couple months during the winter hanging out around the bay waiting for the right timing to start the spawning run up to the rivers. Once they are done spawning they come back down the bay and back up the coast to spend the summer up north. This migration is the spring run.

Some fish also spawn/hangout in the Hudson river, but the general rule of thumb is most of them head to the Chesapeake.

PS == Charkbait (Ben) is our resident striper migration guru, maybe he will elaborate a little more if I didn't quite cover everything.

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