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Departed Crab Creek at 0630hrs and went straight to the 2nd Island. Caught 4 togs

and kept 2 on fiddlers. I then went to the third and tried for a little while but could

not get another tog bite but I did get two toads. I saw Kevin and Beth (classic rock

fish) in their new ride at the third looking for flounder. The wind was starting to pick

up around 1000 so went back in to Lynhaven where I met Tfer "Dyllan" for the first time.

He is a 20+ Navy man and obviously a real patriot with a boat named "Freedom Won".

He asked if I would take a few pics of him and his family on their boat. It was my

pleasure to do so, he also gave me his spare survival suit saying I should take it

considering how often I go out in the winter on my jet ski. Thank you "Dyllan" for

the survival suit and your service to our country. I promise I will put the suit to good

use. So obviously it was another good day on the water and a great "Good Friday".

Also I met a guy named Mark at the ramp who is fishing from his jet ski as well, just

proves I am not the only nut out there.
















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Nice work and pics as usual Brian!

I need to get myself a ride out there quick for some of these togs!

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am new to this site hope this post is able to get where i want it!

i am wonder where jet ski brian got the cooler rack with rod holders for the back of the jetski! thanks

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I had them custom made by a local fabricator, Martin's Custom Structures.

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