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Fish Monger Sun 4/5 Winter Flounder Report <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Had Rod and Gang aboard the Boat today for a day of floundering Headed back to the Bay same area... anchored up and started the chum process...

We picked 5 keepers right away then it died.. Was going to move but decided to stick it out as the few i talked to were moving around and not catching... As the tide went out we starting picking a few.

Capt Joe aka Irish eyes had the hot and early and rod was the last to get a keeper so he wore the monger wig, also got a nice present floating down the river... pic attached with fish biggringif-1.jpg.

Cont to pick the bottom 1/2 of the Water was up to 51 ... little flurries of 2 or 3...

Moved to one last spot before calling it a day where we picked 5 more Keepers.

Total for the day was 27 keepers a couple shorts...Nice fat fish...




Give a buzz to get out got days available for Charter and open. Should just get better...

Great Guys Another All Star Cast!!!

Ps Nice Seeing Capt Freddy, Capt Carlos and Gang Taking a cruise by on the Andreas Toy... Thanks for the Cigar!!!


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