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Boca Grande, Fl.

6 April 2009

Tarpon are here. Not in great numbers, but they are showing all around Boca Grande and Pine Island Sound. Strong winds have made catching them tough. The best time is just at daylight before the wind comes up. When conditions improve the tarpon will be more cooperative. Snook fishing is very good right now. Just the same I managed a miserable day on Friday with my good friends Fen Sartorius and Harry Davis. A 25 knot wind did not help, but we should have caught snook and did not. On top of that we got caught in a 50 knot thunderstorm that soaked us all to the bone. So, beware of fishing with me. It can be dangerous.

Mike Venuti fished with me on Monday in Bull and Turtle bays. Mike caught several seatrout, a few ladyfish and a couple of snook on Puglisi patterns on the west side of Turtle Bay near the oyster bars. It was Mike's first saltwater adventure. His excellent casting made the day.

The Everglades Oddessy happened this week when Dusty Sprague, Ron Whiteley, Dick Trembly and I chased tarpon and snook out of Chokoloskee. Ron hooked up on a large tarpon near West Pass bay on Tuesday using his Greenan's Weeny tarpon fly. Dick Trembly hooked up on a very large snook in Alligator bay and I managed a couple of snook in Cannon bay. Overall, fishing was slow. The water turn muddy from the strong winds making sight fishing tough.

Improving weather will make fishing easier, but expect the winds to continue for the next few days. By week's end tarpon fishing will improve and the snook should bite better. Fishing pressure has been effecting the region as more anglers are getting out. It is important to be courteous when there are a lot of people on the water.

Fish Hard,

Capt. Pete Greenan


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