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4/4 Fish Monger Floundering with our friend Gail <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Canceled my charter today due to the winds had small kids coming and didnt want to get blown around... Decided to run a trip with others who werent get out in there smaller boat on the raritan... We put it together last minute...Glad we did

So we headed up to the bay in da wind with Mikey, Nate,, Mickrazz, Mike castaway and BB.

Got to the Bay and Jammed both rocks in the water... Considering all the wind we set real good... Chummed our Brains out and set here for the day...

Picked away a fewe here few there.. Little Flurries... Mickrazz had the hot hand early but flounder master mikey prevailed as the high hook with 8 keepers.

We finished the day with 24 Big Flundies... Most were nice size fat fish...


It was windy

Micks secret rig and Bouncebiggringif-1.jpg

Somebody catching while not being in da wind??eekgif-1.jpg

Prime rib Rotisserie...

Nice finally have Mick aboard and Mike castaway... and the rest of the usual suspects...

Good times back at it tomorrow





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