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Spring is definitely in the air and the fishing is starting to reflect just that. One of my favorite places to fish is North Biscayne Bay mainly because it has a great population of sea trout that can reach six pounds and during the month of March, April and May these fish are spawning giving my clients the best chance at their catching one of the biggest sea trout of the year that this Bay has to offer. Because these fish are spawning

I suggest releasing the bigger fish to give them a chance to release their millions of eggs to be fertilized by the smaller males. My last three bay charters have produced large numbers of sea trout to just over 4 pounds caught on live shrimp and pilchards under a Cajun Thunder and on Hook Up lures tipped with Gulp soft plastics and Rapala X Raps, Twitchin Raps and Skitter Walks. Along with the trout we have had snook during the daytime, jack crevalles to just over 14 pounds plus lots of barracudas and ladyfish. I expect to see some Spanish mackerel, bluefish, pompano and maybe a cobia to be caught by my anglers in North Biscayne Bay anytime now. Tarpon have been scattered in the Bay but most have been hitting at night.

I am not fishing South Biscayne Bay as much now due to the warmer conditions. The warmer water pushes the groupers out into the ocean and the mackerel, bluefish and pompano are now starting to head north for the summer. During the Spring and Summer I only fish the South part of the Bay to target bonefish, permit, sharks and barracudas for a select few that know my boats capabilities and are OK with fishing the shallow flats from my 22’ Pathfinder Bay Boat.

Flamingo is a destination I like this time of the year. With warming conditions snook, redfish, tarpon, sea trout, cobia, tripletail, jacks, ladyfish, permit, pompano, mackerel, bluefish and sharks can all be targeted in one full day. Fishing select areas for short periods of time will allow me to cover a lot of Florida Bay and the Gulf and into Whitewater Bay during a full day charter giving my clients a real chance at catching a Grand Slam. The bugs are still months away from being a problem and last year we were able to catch, snook, redfish, tarpon, goliath groupers, sea trout, snappers, jacks and ladyfish on Hook Up lures tipped with Gulp baits or a Rapala Twichin Rap by casting to mangrove shorelines in Whitewater and Oyster Bays .

Recent Catches:

David Lang and his sons Alan and Ryan fishing North Biscayne Bay caught and released over 20 sea trout to 2 pounds casting Hook Up lures tipped with a Gulp shrimp and live shrimp on a Cajun Thunder in 20 + mile an hour winds in four hours.

Alex, his step son Alec and his nephew Alec fished North Biscayne Bay and caught over 30 sea trout keep nine to 3 pounds and releasing the rest during a four charter. The trout were caught on Hook Up lures tipped with Gulp shrimp and Cajun Thunders with live shrimp in 25 mile an hour winds.

Jerry Chaves and his grandson’s Jake and Spencer teamed up to catch and release 4 snook, four jack crevalles to 14.5 pounds, lots of ladyfish and barracudas plus over 50 sea trout to four pounds during a ¾ day charter in North Biscayne Bay while using live shrimp and pilchards under a Cajun Thunder and Hook Up lures tipped with a Gulp shrimp.

Today I am fishing with Gene and his granddaughter Lauren in North Biscayne Bay. I n our first spot the trout bite is going strong when Lauren hooks a trout that keeps getting bigger as she fights it. Next thing we know a tarpon in 125 pound class is in the air and then as the tarpon starts to run the trout Lauren origionally had on her line slides out of the tarpons mouth. We land the trout a fat 3 pounder but the tarpon is gone. We see one more tarpon in the 4 hours we are on the water but catch more trout, barracudas a small snook and a snapper before calling it a day.

Well that catches us up for now.

Give me a call and let's go fishing!

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