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The weather has been beautiful for us Florida folks, but the seas have been a bit intimidating. The plus to a windy day offshore, the Sailfish bite is on. When it's blowing 15-20, chances are the Sailfish are feeding just a few miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Head out fishing on a day like this and your most likely going to see one jump within feet of the boat.

This morning we headed out Port Everglades and instantly got hooked on the troll. We landed two Blackfin Tuna around 8 lb's, a petite Mahi - Mahi we threw back, a nice size Cero Mackerel and a 7 lb Kingfish. Good thing the bite was red hot early, sea sickness kicked in and that's never fun. We had a group of troopers but man were they glad to be back at the dock. Not too shabby for a short time of fishing, there's nothing better than fresh Tuna for dinner.

Gary and his friends joined the Lady Pamela II this afternoon in hopes of catching a few Mahi for a true South Florida souvenir. We headed out Shallow Harbor and once we hit open water we were ready to reel in some fish. Captain Paul picked a good spot in 500 ft of water and our spread was out. Right off the bat we got the bite. Once it ate, I called it a Blue Marlin, Captain Paul was confident that it was a Sailfish. He was right. The Ballerina of the Sea was jumping all around the boat, putting on a great show for our anglers. They sure have made a name for themselves. We got some great shots of the flopper in action. Once we got the Sail within range of the boat, we got up close and personal with the pelagic and saw it's true colors, it was a beauty. Sailfish are by far the most exciting fish to fight when they're on the line and one of the prettiest fish in the sea.






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Beautiful shots! :icon_thumright:

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