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The morning today started cooler, thanks to a weak cold front that came through the night before, and with heavy cloud cover. However, an early incoming tide would give us a small window of opportunity at tailing bonefish which we wanted to take advantage of. After a brief run we approach our first flat and immediately begin to see bonefish.

The small window of opportunity was taken advantage of by having consistent opportunities at waking and tailing fish. A few of the tailers were in the double digit range and feeding well. Soon however, the strong tide pushed enough water onto the flats to make it near impossible to sight fish. Switching gears we fished the creeks and canals in the bay and ended the day with some acrobatic ladyfish and a nice sized spinner shark doing what spinner sharks do, jumping and twisting leaving the angler with the rod in disbelief.

Get out there, make that drag sing and enjoy every moment out on the water!

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