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Hey Guys Just Got Home from down south and got our pics from Capt Wayne.

Sailed a Winter flounder trip on thurs which consisted of Bob Bates, Reel Ron, Art Berkman Mike, Tom and Chris.

As most know its still been pretty slow down this way and the rain and clouds didnt help the cause any.

We got 2 flounder as soon as we stopped which seemed to be the case lately...then nothing... Moved stopped picked up one more... Back to our first area picked up only 4 more.

Wound up with 7 keepers, Art was high hook with 4.



Great group of guys bounced hard all day.

Thanks Guys

March 28

Capt Wayne Was at The Helm Yesterday

His Report:

Had an open boat trip consisting of Al (cool hand fluke), George (GDubya), Dean, Tom, Larry and James. Mate bruce and I headed down to barnegat bay, weather was crappy but the guys stayed at the rail all day. Larry was high hook with 2 fish including a #2 along with the chum pot several times. Dean boated the pool winner with a #2.2. Persistence payed off for GDubya boxing 1 in overtime. Total was 5 keepers no shorts and lots of laughs . Water temps were up a little 45-46 and water was clear you could still see the chum pots in 6'-8' of water but it just wasn't our day.



Thanks Guys

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