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It was kind of a slow week for me. We caught plenty of fish but I just couldn’t get the larger fish fired up.


The river was full of Spanish most of the week with some decent fish in the mix. The Blues were also all over the place but most were very small…


There were also some Trout among all the other fish but it was hard to get bait past the Blues and Spanish. We caught most of the fish throwing casting spoons and cranking them as fast as you could.


Plastics also worked but every other cast you would lose one to a Blue fish. Once they get it in there mouth they want let go so you know what happens when you pull a soft plastic thru all of those teeth!!!


I tried some float fishing and was able to catch a few more Trout but they were still on the small side. And the Blue fish ended up taking over both spots I tried when they discovered “Free Shrimp” if you know what I mean…


I look for the larger Trout to start up on a regular basis anytime along with everything else. They are still catching a few Drum in the river but it’s a long day to just catch 4 or 5 fish. That’s just me; I would rather catch a lot of smaller fish on a charter than waist 5 hrs trying to catch a few big ones.


And those days of catching lots of big fish in 4 hours are almost on top of us.





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