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This morning we a had a boat load of anglers from all over the US. Hugo and his son visiting from Texas, Robert joined us from Virginia and Mark didn't have to drive too far, living right here in sunny South Florida. We needed live bait and we got some. We filled the well with a good amount of live speedos and bluerunners.

We checked live bait off the list and ran 3 miles north to put the trolling gear out. Before we even had everything out, BAM! a dolphin ate. After we put the Mahi in the box both deep baits got hit with two gaffer size King Mackerels. We were on a roll now and we weren't stopping. We put the baits back out, catching a total of 5 nice size King Mackerels. Our anglers wanted to tug on something a little bigger so we headed to one of the several shipwrecks and made a drop.

First drop of the day and we were hooked instantly. Whatever it was, it swam right into the wreck (not a good thing) and broke us off. Another big bluerunner went for a swim and we hooked a game fish immediately. Who knows, maybe it was the same fish looking for lunch. Bob jumped into the fighting chair ready to reel. After a 25 minute battle, Bob won and landed a beautiful Amberjack on his deep sea fishing trip. What a great way to end a South Florida vacation!

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