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Sailed two trips this weekend...

Sat we started off with real good. Had consistent good bites in 55ft, 41deg water temp. Bite petered out when the current picked up... went to a pick.

Action Jackson, Maryland, had a banner day and was high hook, reelin in 19 KEEPER size fish retain his 10 fish delaware limit and winning the pool. Capt Stan and Mike From the Elaine B fame were aboard and combined for 12 keepers. Other had 4-5 keepers and everyone had there chance at putting fish in Da bucket.


With high hopes from the sat chew and an all star cast aboard thought we were gonna have a great day. Turned out to be a bust. Fished around the same areas and fish didnt chew. Water temp up to 42.5 but just a scratchy one here one there type bite.

couple of guys had 4 keepers and it went down from there. Chris caught his 4 keepers on MUSSELS.

Great meeting Shrimpman and crew as well as some of the familar faces.

Next week the last week of Blackfishing for us.


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