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With the warming temperatures the fishing has picked up and the Snook are on fire. I have been catching most of my Snook during the major solunar periods around the new and full moons where there is a majority of the tidal movement. Greenbacks have been my bait of choice rigged on a 1/0 circle hook and about 18 to 24 inches of 30lb. fluorocarbon leader. Look for the Snook to continue to move towards our local beaches and passes as they make their way out of the backcountry areas to spawn. Remember that these Snook will end up being our breeder stock, so revive these fish well, and make sure they swim off strongly.

Redfish have also continued to be a strong target with most of my catches recently being overslot. I have been working the outside spoil islands of the Ft. Desoto park area and have been targeting deeper mangrove shorelines and oyster areas. Although live greenbacks work very well, lately I have been using a fresh chunk of cut ladyfish rigged on a 1/8<sup>th</sup> ounce jighead. This allows me to put the bait up under the mangrove line and still have a heavy enough hook to pull the redfish from the groves once they bite. Usually where we catch one, we can find more, so stay quiet and put some extra baits in the water and you should have some consistent catches on ice so you can enjoy them in the oven later.

Lastly, the Spanish Mackerel and Kingfish have begun their migration into our local waters and should start showing up in great numbers within the next two to three weeks. I have been targeting the Mackerel over our local bay artificial reefs using cut Greenbacks on a No.1 long shank hook. Because of the long shank, I can get away with not using wire leaders and I feel I get more bites because of it. I have been chumming hard when I first anchor down and then letting the scent trail of my chum bring the Mackerel to me. Mackerel can be great eating fish if they are packed in ice as soon as they hit the deck…so once you get them on board, get them.

Overall the fishing in the bay is going off, and is only going to get better for the next few weeks and months, so get out there and put some fish in the boat!




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Very cool picture! My daughter will love that one. :icon_thumleft:

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