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I know it sounds like a broken record, however, what a great broken record it is. Tarpon, tarpon, and more tarpon and the bite seems to just keep getting better. The shrimp have been running as soon as it gets dark. With that much bait in the water, the tarpon are there to get their share of the tasty crustaceans and they are having no trouble whatsoever finding the baits on our hooks. We're also getting into the good tide period for finding them in the Bay also. The tarpon have not disappointed inside either.

Offshore, the larger dolphin are beginning to make their showing as well. Kingfish are pleasing many anglers and it's well worth the trip out to the blue water.

Brothers Brian and John Fritz along with Chris Thom partied at bit to hardy the night before and over slept. As a result, we got a later start on their half day trip. John hooked up with a very nice size tarpon at Government Cut and everything was going great until the fish decided to head for the rocks of the south jetty. It turned and ran parallel with the rocks and the bow in the line found a shallow rock and the rest is history. The fish won its freedom fair and square. We moved to the north side where we saw several fish rolling, but no takers. In the meantime, we filled in with action from several kingfish, AJ's, mutton snapper, and the pesky bluerunners.

Father and son Brian and Tim Bach along with brothers, John and Patrick Deleonibus got in on the great evening tarpon action. Brian was the coach and cheerleader. Tim, John, and Patrick took turns doing battle. Patrick hooked the monster fish of the evening. We hooked the fish on the tip of the south jetty and when we finally released it, we were at the Ferry Boat Dock on the Causeway. The fish was a whopping 140 pounds and Patrick looked as if he had been in a fight with a heavy weight boxer. He hung in there throughout the entire fight and did an outstanding job for having never battled a large fish before. The action that evening was 3 for 5 tarpon.

Eduardo Pellas, Raul Lacayo, and Eduardo and Luis Arguello got their taste of tarpon fishing that left them excited and drained at the same time. We started off with a large fish in the main channel. The closest we came to a catch was about 1 foot from the leader touching. After a 45 minute battle, the hook pulled. After that the action got fast and furious. A major shrimp run had us seeing action on almost every drift. The tarpon had it in for us on this night. We broke hooks,:icon_scratch: broke a line when the fish beat us to the drop off,:angry3: and had numerous fish throw the hook on either its first or second jump:icon_scratch::angry3:. To sum up the evening, we went 3 for 10. The fish we managed to land and release this evening were in the 70 - 120 pound class.

The Frederick Family, dad, Richard, daughters Grace and Sandy, and son Josh, experienced their first tarpon trip. It's one they will long remember. We started by having a hook pull on a fish that we hooked in the main channel. As soon as it got dark enough, we took advantage of the tide and ran inside. Richard caught the first tarpon, Josh got the second, and the third fish was a tag team effort. We were 3 for 3 on tarpon on the inside in the 25 - 80 pound class before we went back out to Government Cut. The action out their started almost immediately. When the end of the evening came, everyone had caught at least 1 fish and we were 3 for 4. The fish outside were in the 70 - 120 class. There were two beautiful thing about this trip. First, it was a Family trip and as I've said in the past, Family fishing is fun. Second, it was the first tarpon for each of them. They took lots of pictures and have memories that will last a lifetime.

That's it, we're up to date again. I'll write another report as soon as I get another break. In the meantime, give me a call on 305 965-9454 or send me an email nkostyo@bellsouth.net if you want to get in on the action and make your own personal memories.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc.

305 620-5896 Charter

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