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My Father In Law was visiting from Kansas this week and I wanted to get him out

for a deep drop so he could bring some fresh fish back home. After several calls on

monday and tuesday, I was able to get us on the Jill Carrie w/ Capt. Jim Brincefield

after he had a late cancellation.

We departed Long Bay Point at 0115 hrs and went straight for the Grouper spots

around Norfolk Canyon. There were large swells left from the previous days gale

but it an awesome ride out and glassy the rest of the day. It was non-stop reeling

in water over 600', we caught tons of sharks, several Barrel fish, wreck fish, Ling

cod, a red to be identified fish and some monster eels. Late in the day we went

inshore some and slayed the Sea Bass and a couple of Tile fish. I got my first

citation for the year, a 5 lb 2oz Sea Bass. My father in law is 86 years old and

hung in there with me all day, he reeled in some sea bass, saw some whales and

dolphin and got a lot of great pics to show his friends back home.

Capt. Jim, thanks for the great arm burning trip and the offer to tow my Jet Ski

out with us, I don't want a tow but I do plan on taking it out this summer. Maybe

you can carry some fuel and my lunch. Ha!

The first pic is me and my father in law.





Capt. Jim



Calm Seas.


Mate Justin Taking a short but deserved break.



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Nice report. Looks like you used "bubble yum" for bait to get those bass.:happy7:

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hey brian glad ya had a good trip,yeh pretty sporty headin out huh?we came up short on the sripers but its always fun ,congrats to your paw in law ....

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AWESOME JOB BRIAN!!!! Capt Jim always does his best......that cold temp is hell with the dog sharks!! They dont taste toooooo bad.......but grouper sure does taste better!!!!

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Very nice, Brian! Glad you had fun and those are some great pictures.

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