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Today was pretty nasty but I had a tough crew who wanted to catch some fish. The winds were bad, the waves were bad and it was so foggy you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Well you could see your hand but you getmy point! The fog stayed offshore all day, visibility never got over a 1/4 mile and it kept the air temp cold and our clothes wet. We hit 2 places and the second place paid off. We landed about 15 snapper in an hour and a half. 9 were keepers, mostly between 8-10lbs. The box looked pretty good and the conditions didn't so we made the decision to head in early with about 75lbs of red snapper in the box. Made it to the dock about 1:30, cleaned the fish and headed home. We also had a black sea bass that a pelican stole from us at the dock. We tried to get it back but when he started hissin' we let him have it. Great crew, tough fishermen and fisherwomen. Thanks for the trip. Hope you enjoy those fillets. Keep those rods bent!


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pretty pics! Thanks for the report.:icon_thumleft:

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