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Another beautiful day on the ocean. The wind blew all day but it was a nice breeze that took the edge off the heat and it never picked the ocean up. There was about a 3-4 foot swell but it was lazy and so far apart you didn't even notice it. We fished BR today and had a great mess of fish. Everyone pitched in and we got the job done. We had 3 red snapper up to 8lbs (released a few others), an 8lb gag grouper, 29 beeliners up to 3lbs, a 24lb kingfish, a ringtail porgy and a few other porgies.

A great day with a great crew who I hope to see again some time. Thanks for the day guys; and Jonathan, again I appreciate your service to this country!! It's our service men and women that give us the freedom to go fishing and I am grateful to you!



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