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We sailed on sat and sun with a nice group of guys each day.

Water temps were still cold but they did get up to 41 deg and we are starting to catch inshore and close to the dock again.

Sat- Started out in 55ft and bounced around that area all day... Picked and plucked some fish but it was a slow scatchy bite... around 11am the fish turned and and chewed a little when the tide changed it went back to a pick.

Bob was on fire in the bow catching his 10 fish delaware limitsmilegif-2.jpg pete and bill combined for 11 keepers sending the roup home with 21 keepers to 8 lbs.

Larry and wife combined for 8 keepers. Israel and grouped manged to put a few in the coolers as well.

Pool winner around 9lbs. Around 50 keepers total.



Sun - Started around the same area, but the bite was def slower. We had some bites, but you had to really work for the fish. never really turned on like sat.

Tried a deeper drop but we lost our anchoring conditions by the and didnt sit right. Went back inshore to pick a few more keeps.

Orlando and broken bobber combined for 9 keepers. Balky was high hook with 6 keepers. Larry was back again with him and his wife had 7 keepers. Some other had a couple of keepers.

Pool winner was 5lbs. Around 30 keepers total

Small baits worked best. Fish are there, just gotta work to catche em. Hopefully the water warms up a few more deg.


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Great job guys! Thanks for the report and pictures, Capt Jerry.

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