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Well with the stripers starting to make thier move to spawn, we are starting to get a few. I know I don't always have a scale with me to weigh fish, so I am going to post a link for everyone to calculate the weight of thier fish.

All you have to do is fill in Girth and Length and hit calculate. The chart gives you the weight and the agre as well. Good hunting:eusa_dance:

Striper Size Calculator

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if you dont have a computer handy you can just use the formula. you can do it on any calculator, even a cell phone on the beach.

G x G x L / 800 = weight in lbs.

example- 28(G) x 28(G) x 48 (L) = 37632 / 800 = 47.04 lbs.

its not 100% accurate but I bet it is the same formula that site uses. I have tried it a few times and been as close as a couple ounces and as far off as 4 pounds.

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