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need a new job?

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I smell a scam.....

:| :wink:

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it was in the miami herald


Help wanted -- rent's on us

A Keys kayak and outdoor company had no luck filling a position, so they are sponsoring a contest to relocate one person to paradise.


KEY WEST - Imagine a gig that allows you to bike to your job in shorts and sandals, work around the water alongside a bunch of friendly dogs and their two-legged masters and never, ever, have to battle a South Florida commute.

The salary: $75,000. Housing provided.

Sound like paradise? For one lucky person, this escapist fantasy will become reality.

In a novel campaign to draw attention to their company -- and to an affordable housing crunch in the Keys that has spawned a labor shortage -- the owners of Lazy Dog Island Outfitters & Outdoor Adventure Co. want someone to ``Win a Job in Key West.''


The employee-owned company runs kayak and outdoor trips and also designs and sells a growing line of outdoor clothing and accessories.

After trying -- and failing -- to hire a new employee for more than two months earlier this year, company co-owner Sue Cooper devised the idea for a yearlong contest.

''We had an ad in the paper 10 weeks in a row, and we couldn't find anyone to work,'' Cooper said. ``You can only complain so long, then you have to do something about it.''

Aspirants can check out the contest at, and apply by submitting a 300-word essay, a $10 fee and a job history.

''Somebody is going to end up with a great job,'' said Cooper, 39, who is trailed most days by a black-and-white border collie named Molly.

The winner would begin working alongside Lazy Dog's 12-person staff in June 2007. The job will involve participation in every aspect of the company, from marketing and sales to leading trips and promoting the Lazy Dog brand.

''We want people who will fit in and work hard,'' Cooper said.

The contest's website and word-of-mouth buzz have generated most of the interest so far.

In less than a month, more than 100 folks from 32 states have applied for the chance to toil for the company, whose trademark slogan, ''Slow Down, Dog!'' is emblazoned on T-shirts and baseball caps. Lazy Dog is run out of a houseboat office overlooking the Hurricane Hole Marina on Stock Island, just outside Key West.


''I am six years clear of breast cancer, and I went on a retreat and learned to kayak and so now every chance I get and every place I go I try to kayak,'' said Jodi Grzeczka, 55, of Genoa City, Wis. Grzeczka works for a company that peddles stainless steel pumps and valves to the food-processing industry.

''That job sounds a lot more interesting than what I'm doing,'' Grzeczka said. ``I'd really rather get out of the sitting-behind-a-desk scene.''

Another contestant, California college student Jeffrey Smead, 22, insists he has a map of the Florida Keys tattooed on his right ankle.

''I am borderline crazy about the Keys. It's all I think about. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up and what I think about when I go to bed,'' Smead said in an interview. The hospitality management major spent two summers recently working at a Boy Scout camp just north of Key West.

Cooper says she views the contest as a chance to help someone realize a dream she gambled on nearly 10 years ago, when she left a career in marketing to relocate to Key West from Connecticut. Like many, she made the move after visiting the area on vacation and falling in love with island life.

''I was doing everything I honestly thought I wanted to do but there was something missing,'' Cooper said of life on the mainland.

For would-be Keys residents, though, she does have some parting advice.

``If you slow down, you can't help but enjoy every day.''

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It's a nice place, vacation there every year. Looked into buying a place there but the only thing I could find was a single-wide trailer on a TINY TINY lot for 350k. Oh, and an island with house for 1.4M.

I saw all the normal workers there and always wondered where they live. It's so expensive for housing and these guys are making maybe 25k a year.

That's a sweet deal for the winner....

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