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..or Baling Hay, this tip was passed on tome sometime ago by a fishing guide in the Fla Keys, after one day offshore where he stumbled upon several bales of Marijuana floating out in the Ocean:icon_surprised:

todo this, you'll need a bale of Hay or Straw, some fish oil, live bait and calm sea's and can be used day or night and the more boats and bales you get the beter fishing will be...

over a Wreck, Reef, Drop-off or even a flat Sandy bottom (which will take longer to work), deploy your bale(s) over the side, pour Fish Oil all over it, cut the rope(s) holding the bale together and let drift away, toss some of your live bait at it and chum, the live baits will school under the flotsom then wait a few mins..

while your waiting, rig up your rods wth Live or Cut Bait, Jigs, Poppers or whatever you got and cast around the floating Artificial Reef you've created. you drift with it or you can anchor it to the bottom. if your using this at night you can tie some underwater lights to a rope wth a float and set thru the middle of this to aid in attracting more fish...

this will allow bottom feeders to come up outta' there underwater obstructions to feed sub-surface aswell as attract other fish into the mini ecco-system you've created. now sea, wind and currant will determin how long it will last but it should last long enuff for you to load-up your cooler or fishbox...

I've been dying to try this off Ocean City for several years now, given the vast amount of artificial reefs that have been created offshore by the OC Reef Foundation:glasses2:

I have no doubt this method would be "killer" offshore at the Reef Sites:icon_thumleft:

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