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I didn't get to fish like I had planned. Ended up helping replace an impeller on a Merc 115. After the boat was up and running again we decided we'd just hang at the campsite and drink beer. While I was waiting on my buddy to get out (before we knew his engine needed work) I was marking fish down pretty deep once I got out to 50' or more. Plenty of nets out this weekend too, would've loved to see what was in them. Ended up going out yesterday and just made the 7 mile run up to sharks tooth island and walked around. Managed to collect 11 sharks teeth before shoving off. Weather was beautiful, water was 44-45 deg. I'm wishing I had my trolling gear with me and could've C&R'd a couple. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

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I know I go the fever as well....Took the kids up to the pond in front of our neighborhood and ended up catchin a whole lotta little Sun fish. Nice day !:happy3:



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