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While Fort Lauderdale fishing is known for its swordfishery and sailfishing we do not catch many marlin, blue or white. So March 7th for us was a great day. Big Dave was celebrating his 60th birthday and his son Dave and his wife Kelly were also on board. We chugged out of Port Everglades at about 11:00 and began trolling South looking for kingfish, bonitas and the occasional mahi mahi.

We only found one king though and wasn't hearing much on the radio either. We then caught some small bullet bonitas to drop on the wrecks, however the current was smoking to the north at 3 knots and dropping on the wrecks was proving difficult. The water did look just incredible with the strong current was purple water and the wind was just right for the kites. I had heard of a couple of bigger mahi mahi out deep so we set up in 350 feet of water. There he was! We just got the second bait out when he jumped on the first. We thought it was a sailfish because that's what we normally catch.

The fish stuck its head out a few times and jumped half out of the water a few more but didnt go billistic, but we could see it was a large fish. After about 30 minutes Birthday boy Big Dave got him next to the boat. We got some good pics of the fish and held him next to the boat for release, we tried and tried and tried some more but he wasn't going to make it. The fish ended up taking a ride back to the dock. We all had mixed emotions we were so elated to catch such a fish and so let down it didn't make it. On the Local Knowledge we practice strict catch and release with both billfish and sharks.

So it broke our hearts this one didn't make it, however it did not go to waste as it is currenty being brined for the smoke house. The fish was a monster as far as white marlin go it was 97 inches overall and 72 inches on the short length, that's a white marlin open winner.

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very nice story Capt and Yeah, I feel your pain on not being able to release such a prized fish, good job never the less:icon_thumleft:

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