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They are a Slot limit of 2 fish a day between 20 -26 inches in the Delaware Bay and its tributaries during July and August. The rest of the year remains at 2 at 28" or greater-no closed season.

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Ya beat me to it Chaser

New for 2009!

The Division adopted a new slot-limit for July and August for striped bass

fishermen in Delaware waters of the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and their

tributaries. The existing 28-inch minimum size would remain in effect in coastal


Slot Limit Season for striped bass

Area – Delaware waters only of the Delaware River and Bay and their


Season – July 1 through August 31

Size Limit – 20-inches to 26-inches (total length)

Limit – two per angler

Special Conditions –

Recreational hook and line fishermen only;

Slot-limit applies only to the area specified above;

Any striped bass less than or greater than the slot-size must be released

during this special season within the specified area. 28-inch minimum

size during all other months;

Slot-limit does NOT apply to Atlantic coastal areas, Inland Bays,

Nanticoke River and their tributaries.

Delaware Waters Only! Familiarize yourself with the jurisdictional boundaries of

the Delaware Estuary. The striped bass slot limit season does not apply to

adjacent waters of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, nor does it apply to coastal

waters, Indian River Inlet or the Inland Bays.

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