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The past 9 days have been a blur. The boats show has passed and this is my first day off the water in 9 days. The fishing has been great. We had two days where it slowed down some but it recovered nicely. We fished yesterday from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:time Hour="7" Minute="0">7-1 pm</st1:time> and went 2/3 on sails, 1/2 on kingfish and managed to jump a very large tarpon well over 100#’s on the beach.

The sail fishing has been very good. We got shots at sailfish everyday during those 9 days except for one day. Live baits off the kite have been very productive for us.

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I fished with Sue and Tom Rushing on February 12. The only thing they wanted to catch was a tarpon. I knew the tarpon would be biting a little later on so I suggested we go offshore and fish a little while till the tide would be right. While offshore we managed to catch a couple of mahi-mahi. A little while later we added a sailfish. I then informed Sue that she was one fish short of a Gold Coast Slam. That one fish was a tarpon. On our first drift on the beach the rod bent over and the completion of the slam was within reach. A couple of minutes later I reached over and grabbed the leader on a 50# tarpon completing the slam.



In addition to the great sailfish we are experiencing the tarpon have not disappointed. We have caught tarpon on all of our tarpon trips. The tarpon fishing has become so consistent that I am just doing a drift on the beach on the way in just to see if we can add one to the mix of fish that we have caught that day. Almost all of my offshore trips during those 9 days were combo trips where we fish offshore for a couple of hours and then head inshore to fish for tarpon. If you are looking to do an offshore charter consider this type of trip since you have the opportunity to catch multiple species versus just catching one or two species repeatedly.


And if that were not enough the kingfish action is starting to get hot. We caught a couple and heard of one boat having all seven lines cut at once. There have been reports of some kings in the 40-50# range caught while sail fishing on the edge.


I am expecting the mahi-mahi to show up soon as the kingfish have done. Soon you will start to see reports of large mahi caught on the edge while sail fishing. So there you have it sailfish, tarpon, kingfish, and mahi-mahi. Give me a call if you would like to spend a great day on the water with friends and family chasing some of the greatest game fish on earth.


Till Next Time


Best of Luck, Lucky Fishing Charters


Capt. Gil Gutierrez


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