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We beat the cold front today and went offshore. The water temperature was really cold so we had to go out to 25 miles before I was happy with the water temp. Even at 25 miles it was only 60 degrees. We found seabass every where we went but we kept moving looking for the red snapper. I knew if we found the red snapper, I could always go back to the sea bass. Let me tell you, black sea bass absolutely love fishbites! If you would like more information on fishbites or where to buy them go to my homepage ad click the "fishbites" link! It took a while for the snapper to start biting. I don't know if it had anything to do with the cold front approaching or the moon being up last night but the snapper didn't start biting until 12:30 in the afternoon. We ended up with about 20 black sea bass, a few beeliners, a few porgies, and 7 red snapper with several undersized releases. We also lost 3-4 big fish that would have made the box as well. We came in just ahead of the bad weather with a nice looking fish box.


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