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Although there really is no actual "Sheepshead Season" different times of the year can yield better results for these fish than others. We had a great Sheepshead run this past Fall with catches of over 30 fish occurring regularly. As winter settled in and the water temps dropped, the fish moved offshore looking for warmer water. As winter begins to slowly come to an end we can anticipate some more mild days which will bring the water temps back up to a more desirable range for the sheepshead. That's starting to happen now as the past week or so has yielded air temps in the 70's and today it reached 80 degrees. The sheepshead should begin to move back inshore which will be just in time for the annual El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament held here in Jacksonville on Feb 28th. Go buy some fiddlers, slide right up to the rocks, and see if you can catch what's considered North Florida's most elusive gamefish. They don't call them "rock pile pick pockets" for no reason. A wise man once said that if you set the hook just before they bite, you'll catch a lot more of them. If you'd like to learn how to catch them first hand, I do offer sheepshead trips from now through the end of May! Give me a call to discuss options. Thanks for reading!!



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Very nice looking sheepshead. Thanks for the report, Capt. Chad.

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