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You'll hear no complaints from me on the weather today for a change. It was absolutely beautiful. We headed offshore wide open, fished all day, and headed in wide open. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! We caught several snapper but we had to work for them. We had to hold our ground and wait them out but we ended up with our 3 man limit plus a couple legal throw backs. We also caught 4 mangrove snapper, a few throwback grouper, some beeliners, black sea bass, a couple ringtail porgies, some of the biggest pinfish I have ever seen, and a kitty mitchell grouper. We also had the pleasure of seeing 4 right whales throughout the day, numerous loggerhead sea turtles, several sun fish or "mola mola", and several bottlenose dolphin. What a day! I can't wait to get back out there where all you have to worry about is: did we bring enough bait or if the fish you just hooked is gonna get off or not. That's what we all love about fishing isn't it? How relaxing...



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