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Sometimes you have to look in/at some seemingly unlikely places for signs of life. Case in point, yesterday I'm tooling back down Rt.589 toward the Pines southgate and home. I always look over at Cathell Crk right there at Gum Ponit road just because. Usually (in the winter) there can be some interseting waterfowl there in the form of Buffleheads, Merganers,etc. Today as I drive by the gulls are swirling and diving on something! I turn around (without causing a wreck) drive back, park at the shore stop and try an approach so as not to spook the gulls or put whatever it is down and away. Mullet? That's what I think but can't be sure cause I could'nt get close enough. So here I stand with no cast net, no 5gal bucket,

( if I had of had the net), and no camera! And I thought just having my required beach equipment, and boat towing stuff was enough to carry!After all the years of fishing and being outdoors I should never leave out without at least the camera( and maybe a 7'-9' spinning outfit!). Other spots to watch are up on the way across to Bishopville before Lighthouse sound, the park right there at the bay, and any and all boat ramps.You(at least me) can learn alot!:cool:

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Very Cool! I have really started noticing birds activity more than I used to.

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