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Fished several places up and down the GW Parkway today looking for Crappie. Started out 8:30 am at Four Mile Run (thanks Dre) caught 2 12” largemouth, one on white jig/curlytail and the other on pink. HUGE Carp jumping out of the water all morning there. Water temp there was 50 degrees! Left there and went to the Washington Sailing Marina, no hits on white, pink, or charteuse grubs, water temp there was 40 at 10:00. from there I went to Gravelly Point and the Duck Pond, good tide rushing out of the Duck Pond into Gravelly but no bites, water temp 40 at Gravelly and 42 inside the Duck pond at 11:00. Next up Washington Channel, (thanks again Dre) water temp only 38! and no hits. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <o:p></o:p><!--[endif]-->

GREAT DAY to be out though! Got the skunk off for 2009!

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Met another fisherman at Four Mile Run, told me the BIG bass were turning on there and he had been slaying them for 2 days now.

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I’m off tomorrow and may go back or try some of the ponds around here in PG County.


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I had some friends working the "run" today too

nice report Mike:eusa_dance:

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