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I downloaded marine maps from NOAA. There are few marine santuary preservation areas. Are they all closed to fishing? There are also a few "Obstn Fish Haven" what are these?

Thank you.

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Hello Joe, no I won't be taking my boat. Will be flying in. I'll be staying in Marathon area from Mar 15 to 24. I'm planning on fishing from beach (just off Cocoplum Beach), might rent boat for a few days and a day of chartered fishing. This trip I'll just be fishing the chuck, no fresh waters.

I fish alot with my daughter, lingcod, rockfish in waters of 200+ft. So this trip we are looking for something different that doesn't require jigging in such great depth (ya and lead is heavy to log around) :icon_tongue:

Thank you

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You can rent a 20' center console from Capt Pip's (last place on the right before the 7 mile bridge). I don't know if they have rods and reels, always used my own. You can get a bait bucket to put Pinfish in before you motor out (Pip's has them and chum bags). You can catch them on light tackle and #12 long shank hooks. I just buy a small can of cheap corn and use that for bait, they love it. Pinfish are great bait, everything loves 'em! Sit on the pier before you launch and just toss a light line in the little area right there. Maybe pick up a couple dozen shrimp too. Pip's can tell you where to toss a line, ask one of the male workers, Darryl might still be around. Use at least a 5/0 hook for the Pins, trim the tail to slow them down and hook them near the tail.

Sombrero Reef is a Sanctuary, don't even have bait fish with you there! You'll see the tower, it's about 3 miles out from the 7 mile bridge. You can fish the reef just to the south of it, there is another sanctuary to the north of it, be careful. It DOES get patrolled!!! It's usually a nice looking blond in a Go-Fast boat, and yes, she has a gun, LOL!!!

If the waves outside the bridge are over 2-3', don't bother going out to the reef, it WILL be very rough (5-6'). There are lots of places to the north of the bridge (Keys run east to west) to fish, lots of channels and grassy sandbars.

The water there (around the sandbars) is not clear, it is difficult to see the Bull Sharks. Stay on the bar or less than knee-deep water when there, or in the boat. Not trying to scare ya, just help ya remember that it IS an ocean environment. Keep your eyes open too, you can see stuff to toss to. If you get away from the bars, at least 50 feet, the water clears up nicely.

Every evening before sunset, Tarpon cruise past the bridge. If you sit on the north side along the rail, you'll see them as they approach from the right. No light tackle for those monsters, I haven't seen anything smaller than 5-6'.


Let us know how you did!!

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