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Red Hot Tarpon Action With The Passing Cold Fronts - January 31, 2009

Tarpon fishing has been excellent. If you're willing to dress warm for the cold weather or give up a little sleep it has been outstanding.

With the passing through of the most recent cold front, once again the tarpon fishing got even stronger to the point of being on fire. The NNW winds in the 24 - 29 knot range had plenty of shrimp moving and the tarpon where there having a feast. Reeg William from Milwaukee and William Brooks from Dallas wanted to do some fishing, but not out in the rough conditions of the ocean. A quick check of the tides showed that a 12 midnight to 4 am trip for tarpon in the Bay would have us in calmer waters. They were both up for the trip as neither had caught a tarpon before. As we left TNT Marine Center, the hollowing winds had the temperature dropping at a steady pace. Once I got to the first location, it took 10 minutes for the first tarpon to hit. That location produced 4 tarpon before we moved to the second location. This time we had 3 fish in 15 minutes. At 3:15 am they decided it was time to head in after having done battle with 7 tarpon in the 50 - 70 pound range.

Once the cold front mentioned below ran its course, the air temperature and water temperature quick shot back up to more comfortable levels. The wind died off to a more normal speed and the tarpon returned to the beach. Matt Vigliotti along with his friends Richard Chase and Mitch Scarlin wanted some tarpon action. Off Haulover, Matt fought a 70 pound tarpon that refused to jump and expend energy. This led to a much longer than normal fight, however, Matt was up to the task at hand and the tarpon eventually gave in to the pressure and was released. Next stop was in the Bay. Not as many shrimp were running as with the previous cold front. This had fewer tarpon at the first location. A move to a second location did the trick and Richard fought and released a very feisty 35 pound tarpon. Mitch was very happy just watching and did not want to fight a fish. With the more pleasant conditions on this evening, we finished the trip going 2 for 2.

Fishing on the evening when another cold front came through the previous week had us once again see outstanding action with tarpon in the Bay. A cold front had passed through our area that afternoon. The air temperature and water temperature was dropping rapidly. Scott Dubiel and Ken Carman from Port Saint Lucie and Miami wanted to show Clay Norris and Joe Meyer both from Spirit Lake, Iowa what tarpon fishing in Miami is all about. After it got dark we headed into Biscayne Bay and the action started. To sum up the evening, it went like this. The four anglers tangled with 13 tarpon in the 35 - 80 pound range. Four of the fish were hooked using Gulp shrimp on spinning rods. The other nine ate live shrimp. The cold and wind was hardly noticed as the action was steady once it got dark. The ride back to TNT Marine Center was filled with lots of talk and laughter about the great fishing that they all had just experienced.

Give me a call to schedule your trip and get in on this action. Who knows, the next strike could be that 100 pound plus fish that you've dreamed about catching. If not, the 35 - 80 pound fish will be more than a hand full to handle. For Bay action, call to find out when the tides will be right for the evening hours that you're willing to fish.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc.

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