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Today I was fishing solo on a much needed relaxing day in Biscayne Bay with 15-20 <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:stockticker>MPH</st1:stockticker> winds, the water temp around 66 degrees, a bit cool for bonefish but not impossible and very good visibility. Starting on the ocean side of the bay I took advantage of the early morning incoming tide bringing with it the warmer ocean water and the bones were friendly and feeding. The first three schools of 15-20 bones each resulted in this nice bonefish on 6lb test, a spit hook and a fish tailing on the artificial but spooked when the school saw the boat. Moving to the west side of the bay to follow the same tidal stage produced more feeding bones but these proved to be much spookier fish. Every school spooked whether they were mudding, tailing or cruising. Nothing seemed to work, long casts, longer casts, small jigs, small crabs, live shrimp. Over 120 fish later and one nice bone in the boat I decided not to continue to fight the white caps on the flats and headed home.

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January and into February will continue to see the biggest bones of the year but the smaller guys will appear if we have a few days of warmer weather. After a hard cold front look for bones mudding in deeper water and switch to the flats later in the day as the water warms with the sun.


Get out there and make that drag sing! If you need some pointers or want to head out and go fishing, give me a call or email me and we’ll set up a trip.


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