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Haven't tried this 1 yet but it sounds good

Ingredients: 1 rockfish fillet

orange juice

1 vadalia onion

2 oranges

1 lemon

Marinate fillets in orange juice for about 6 hours

discard OJ used to marinate.

Place aluminum foil in baking pan. Place fillet in middle,poor in new OJ

until 1/2 covers fillet , cover fillet with sliced onions.

Cover onions with sliced oranges, cover oranges with sliced lemon.

Seal foil to retain juices.

Bake at 400 until fish flakes easily.

When finished cooking , remove cooked orange and lemon slices.

Before serving squeeze OJ over fillet .

Serve with onion slices on top.

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Man, you are making me hungry with all the great recipes lately. keep them coming:happy3:

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I just tried this recipe tonight .

It has a very different and unexpected yet expected taste .

the thought of OJ and fish ,as weird as it sounds, explains the taste in full.

Don't get the wrong impression ,it very tasty ,but very different .

I would'nt advise any one who does'nt normaly keep/eat fish to keep a rock just to try this one . you may be dissapointed if you don't have an open or expieramental mind for different tastes or foods.

If you do have this frame of mind like I do ,you will probably enjoy this very wierd and different tasting recipe.

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