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The summer is coming to a rapid finish with Labor Day weekend just around the corner and I can’t possibly imagine how the fishing could be much better. Excellent weather, calm seas, and biting fish, what else could you ask for! The big question… how long could this last?


Flounder fishing had somewhat of a slow start since my last report however we made quite a comeback in the latter part of the week and these past five days have been almost too good to be true! A couple of days early on last week we had signs of some good fishing; mile long drifts, mixed bag catches, and some real pretty fish. Still the condition thing though. Always something… fast drift, no drift, can’t hold bottom, boat won’t drift straight you know the drills. Mother Nature is funny.


By Friday afternoon however, from a keeper Flounder’s point of view, things had taken a turn for the worse. We started catching them. And we caught a lot of them. In just the last five days we have tallied over 400 keeper Flounder. We didn't’t have to worry about a sting this past weekend it was damn good fishing! Fish up to six and seven pounds were landed on each and every trip and limits of nice fish have been more than common. I can’t remember the last time I have seen as many “double headers” of keeper sized Flounder as I have seen since Saturday. They just kept coming. Raymond Alston is pictured above with what could be the Flounder catch of a lifetime. Raymond landed these two doormats at the same time with me on Sunday. The biggest Flounder earned him a state citation for an outstanding catch and the other one was almost just as big! Ray’s fishing partner Stewart Savage also landed a nice double of keeper Fluke on the same trip and had a bonus catch of a citation sized Sea Bass along with his limit Flounder catch. It is safe to say that a lot of these fish are bunched up right now. We have also been seeing more Sea Bass mixed in the catch this past week than we have seen since the spring however they are still quite spotty. It does seem that if you fish for just the Bass using smaller baits and short leaders you will make out better.

Everyone keeps asking me how long this Flounder fishing will last. Have I ever told you about my crystal ball that fell off the dash? I’m going to have to say that I think the Flounder ride that we have been on is more than likely at it’s peak. These fish have been filled with roe as of late which is a sure sign that they will soon be making their move offshore to spawn. The good news is there are still plenty of them around. More flatfish have been caught up in the Delaware Bay this past week and a lot of these fish were also nice sized. There are massive numbers of throwback size fish on both sides of the Bay also. This should assure Flounder action for a couple or few more weeks provided the weather continues to be in our favor.

As for the offshore front this picture of Paul Guris and a group from his Sea Life Paulagics birdwatchers and friends proved that being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to make an outstanding offshore adventure. Paul and Mary and several other professional bird watchers chartered the Lewestown Lady with Capt. Benny for their annual 1000-fathom bird watch/fishing trip and were rewarded with a beautiful catch including a load of Mahi, two Wahoo and a Big Eye Tuna. I know they also saw a lot of birds but I can’t tell you what kind. Congratulations to Captains Benny and Alicen and first mate Dan along with the anglers on a super catch! Offshore fishing should continue well into October with the Tuna and Dolphin. Capt. Benny has several open dates available with the Lewestown Lady. We also will be running several overnight trips chunking for Tuna with the big boats as an open boat trip. Advanced reservations are necessary for a spot on one of these special trips.


Until Next Week Happy Fishing!

Capt. Rick Yakimowicz

Thelma Dale IV

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