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Snow and ice? Rock fish and ducks, It's almost like a real winter and not a minute to late! Last Saturday I took Jason Johnson and his father in law Rock fishing out of Oregon inlet.


The fish were a little slow to bite but we found them before the 25+ south wind got us. Jason has another trip this Saturday that I'm really looking forward to. We have talked about fishing in the Chesapeake Bay on this one. With these last few cold snaps I think we should have good fishing.


On the duck hunting side of my world things got pretty good, lots of Pintails, Gadwalls and Swans. The ice on Friday and Saturday was not as much as we hoped for, but enough. My cousin Thomas was down this weekend, great guy, but he likes to watch the birds more than shoot them! He had a good hunt with a good mixed bag of ducks which made him pretty happy. Drew and I are planing a fun hunt tomorrow hopefully with some snow.


I almost got Aaron talked in to blowing the dust off his shot gun and going with! I have tagged on a few pics of Jason, Thomas and Lee on the Gouger. Well got go paint canoe Burt for the up coming duck hunt!!

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