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Striper, striper, striper. Sneaked out the the High Level with my brother and Chris Boyce on Friday night and whacked the rockfish again. Same scenario. Anchor uptide of the bayside bridge on the outgoing and drift eels into the pilings. We all scored citations - biggest 47.75 inches - and I even landed a 42 with a spinning rod and Storm lure. Then we prowled the light line with light tackle and storms and caught 30 inch rockfish on every cast.

Got home from the CBBT just in time to pack a lunch, make some coffee, and meet the crew on Waterman to fish the VB Rockfish Shootout. We caught a limit of 38 to 40 inchers off Smith Island where the boat had landed two 50 pounders the day before. Tourney results: Artificial Division: Linda Kaye, 138 pounds, $68,000. Eel division: Just Luck, 121 pounds, 38,000 bucks.




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