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Speckled trout" on the flats of Tierra Verde! We have been catching them on everything but bubble gum on a hook.

Most fish have been ranging 17 to 20+ inches with a minimum of a dozen over 20 per trip. As of lately, the trout fishing has returned to what it once was (before the redtide of a few back practically wiped out the trout population of Tampa Bay). The big trout have definitely made a huge come back. Trust me when I say there is more than one 30 inch gator laying in the potholes around Tierra Verde. Big trout have also been making their way up the rivers.

When fishing the rivers for snook and reds we haven't been able to help but land some nice trout. These river trout have an appetite for live sardines and pinfish. They also have been chumming up around the boat like snook and redfish.

So, get out there and "get er done" or book a trip and I'll show you how! Till next time have safe and quality day on the water.

Capt.Sean Hagen

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