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I have been doing a mixed bag of fishing out in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place>Biscayne Bay</st1:place> lately and was able to focus on one of my favorite fish today, bonefish. The outlook looked so good with nice stable weather patterns, nice tides and clear skies the expectation was to put several bonefish in the boat for sure. The bonefish had other ideas though. The bone fishing was tough today inspite of the chamber of commerce weather. The morning fish were not to be found but the afternoon got into gear which allowed us to have numerous shots at nice schools of spooky bones. We went 1 for 2 and had numerous shots at may more fish including schools of solid double digit fish, yes the kind you get weak at the knees over. Inspite of the clear skies, the sun angle in the winter is lower than usual which means your visibility is not as good as say in the summer and today was one example where you have to work through it as best you can. Also, when running into spooky bones try doing things differently (I.E. longer casts, lead the fish more, remove split shots, Etc…) until you get one to commit. Well, the weather is here and so are the bones so get out there and make that drag sing. If you’re in town or need some pointers give me a call and let set up a trip.

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<st1:place><st1:City>Capt.</st1:City> <st1:State>Mo</st1:State></st1:place> Estevez

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Beautiful fish! I have never caught one, but I hear bonefish are great fighters!

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