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Summer has come to a close and area anglers are ready for fall fishing and are hoping the stripers, bigger blues and trout show up soon. Folks fishing Indian River Inlet have caught some blues and stripers, but the action is not predictable. The bait, mostly mullet, spot and bunker, is starting to move around and this is a good sign. Brenda Wise was drifting the inlet and boated 2 keeper flounder and an 18 inch triggerfish.

Croaker and spot are still being caught in pretty strong numbers, especially at Cape Henlopen Pier. Seven year old Justin Gallagher had a great day on the pier using "Fishbites" and arrived at the store with 18 big spot. Three year old Isabella Robinson had her father Joel drive her to the store for a picture after catching 3 croaker on the pier with her biggest weighing 2 pounds.

Nice flounder are being caught around the buoys out of Indian River Inlet and the Old Grounds. Tom Payton, Allen Davis, Harry Connard and ten year old Trevor Payton fished the Old Grounds and had 18 flounder with 10 keepers to 27.25 inches on spot, minnows and long pieces of squid. Scott Fink, Billy Young and Randy fished A Buoy and boated 12 croaker and 18 flounder. Sue and Roy Killen and Bill Baker, Jr. took the "Slicker Too" to B Buoy and caught sharks, skates, sea bass, croaker, and 8 keeper flounder. John Pulli fished Site 11 with squid and minnows and brought a citation winning flounder to the store that weighed 8.80 pounds.

Offshore anglers have had to deal with less than favorable conditions with steady winds and rough seas. Dan and Matt Langdon, Rich Waldron, Alf and Wejebe fished the Baltimore Canyon and had lots of dolphin and went 1 for 1 on a 50 pound Bluefin trolling ballyhoo, green machines and daisy chains. We have heard that there has been a very good bite for anglers chunking at night around the Baltimore and there were lots of flags flying off the charter boats in North Shore Marina. John Bayman emailed us that he and Easton Braun released 4 Bluefin and put one on ice and also released several sharks including a Sand Tiger that was estimated to weigh 400 pounds. The duo fished overnight SE of the Light Ship. John also said they returned to the same area on another trip and boated one Bluefin. Jim Mays trolled from A Buoy to the Delaware Light Ship and hooked up twice but was spooled both times. Jim also bottom fished for a while and caught sea bass to 2.75 pounds, flounder to 20 inches and some ocean perch.

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