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Got out again! Two days in a row. A little farther south below the bull pen. Same set up as my post from from yesterday(AI monday afternoon) got down there about 11:30 am set up and fishing @ 12:00noon. Surf,Flat, temp ok nice late morning, wind straight from the west. Got one hit on the squid and had something swim in real close. They were gone by the time i got a plug rod going. One old guy stopped to check said some undersize stripers were caught over the weekend. That's probably what I saw close in. I might be way off but i have decided to fish the warmest part of the day. Better for me comfort wise and I'm thinking the warmer (possibly) water toward mid day early afternoon might just be a better feeding time than going strickly by the tides. Still got the two hours before the low and chalked up another cigar+ some more coffee! One more day on the 2008 permits and then it's time to shell-out the $$ for the new ones. A good suggestion from the ranger when I stopped in to see about renewals" buy your permit on or after Jan. 1 and get 13 months out of it!" Going to blow tomorrow and i got the Dr.@ 8:30am so this might be it for 2008 till Thurs. Jan.1. Weather permitting I'm still planning on splashing the mako for some inlet r&d this weekend. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Yep, the permit is good for 12 calendar months. If you buy it on the 1st, 10th, whatever, it's good until the end of the 12th month. Always been that way...

Daytime is better right now, the Isopods are probably out there at night. ICK!!

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