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Went down the beach yesterday afternoon set up just south of the

"bullpen". Conditions were;time 2:30pm, tide low and still ebbing, wind WNW light, surf 1'-2' fairly calm, temp mid forties(comfortable),lots of commorants working close some gulls working farther out. Set out 3 rods with one backup;

10.6 heavy conventional(Penn 140 squidder) large hook ,7/0 float rig on a fishfinder with 5oz. + bunker flillet

10 med heavy spinner (Penn 7500ss) red&yeliow "hatters doodle bug" on a fishfider with 5oz 3/0hook + bunker fillet strip

11.6 heavy spinner (diawa emcast) with 5/0 circle hook on a fishfinder with 5oz + bunker fillet(no float on or near the bottom)

Let these soak for 30 mins. and rebaited. Finished my cigar and coffee and changed out the med spinner to a 10.6 light spinner with a pink doodle bug/squid strip on a fisfinder with 4oz.

Fished from 2:45 till 4:10, no takers. I may get out today farhter south. The beach had a few others fishing with light up and down traffic all in all a nice afternoon.

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