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We figured the Va Beach coast would be crowded and Owl's Creek would be a nightmare so we decided to head out east for some Sea Bass. Robert, Tony, Bruce and I left Little Creek at 0730 with Danny Kee and Bear on our buddy boat "Carolina Melody". Beautiful flat ride to the wrecks and immediately started loading the boat with keeper BSB nothing spectacular but average size 14" to 15" fish. On the last few wrecks the Flounder bite turned on we didn't catch any but Danny and Bear caught a few and our new buddy boat Catch tales also caught a few, nice ones too in the six pound range. Since the fog was so dense we decided to pick up and head in at 1:00 pm so we could join everyone at CH for some Rockfish fun. About 10 nm from the oceanfront we see some birds working and the bottom machine shows literally acres of bait and fish so we put out a few rods to see what's down there hoping there are some Bluefish around but it turns out too be 38" class Stripers. We again pick up and run to CH and start trolling for Rockfish but the bite was slow but we pick up one 36" fish on a tandem rig run in just at sunset. Awesome day on the water thanks again to Tony, Bruce and Robert.

Final tally 50 BSB several C & R Stripers 10 nm out and one keeper Rockfish at the green can. Don't forget about Carolina Melody and Catch Tales the each had they same amount of BSBs but the scored several Flounder as well.

Not too much to take pictures of but here are a couple.



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those other guys went out under the cover of radar yesterday and caught Tog after Tog ......top 4 were 12.8,14.3,15.7 and a 22.4 pounder.....saw you out that way for a while I am sure.....

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