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Today was absolutely gorgeous. You don't get many days like today this time of the year on the Atlantic side of the state so we took advantage of it. I had the CSX crew again today and they rememebred how we did it last time. We started at 25 miles offshore. It didn't take long for them to go to work on the red snapper. They quickly caught 10 red snapper so we moved a couple miles to see if we could find some beeliners to cap off the fish box. After we got anchored, I changed the rigs to double circle hooks and I scaled down the rods to a slightly lighter action and they went to town. Talk about fun, those 2-3 lb beeliners are an absolute blast on lighter tackle, especially 2 at a time! We limited out on beeliners in about 2 hours and also finished up on the red snapper to limit out the boat. We ended with 12 red snapper, 60 vermillion snapper, a couple black sea bass, 2 triggerfish, a 15lb gag grouper, and an atlantic sharpnose shark. We were back at the dock at 2:30pm. It doesn't get any better than that! Great crew, great conditions, and a great outcome. Keep those rods bent!! Capt. Chad Starling






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