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This week has been just off the wall. Not just the fishing but the weather has been awesome! This is why we are here in Florida. Next week should be close to the same with just a few degrees cooler.

Big redfish are roaming the flats of the Mosquito Lagoon and can be caught with extreme patience. The key is stealth, as always. Live shrimp and small blue crabs are your best bet. Search shallow water flats early and just work them through out the morning/day. Approach the fish and try to figure out their game plan. Meaning, try to determine which way they are working and cast in that direction giving you enough room for your presentation not to scare them.

See you on the water!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters

PO BOX 881

Edgewater, FL 32132



Light Tackle Fishing Guide On The Mosquito Lagoon

Specializing In Fly Or Spin


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