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One of the nice fish on October 24 am trip!

Just posting up on what we have doing lately. Finally had a couple days off and that was real nice because really since April I have been grinding hard. Things have slowed up some but I am sure we will get some trips lined back up and get cranked up again. Gotta go again tomorrow. The weather has been windy and cooler than normal lately. We have been all over the place. When the winds were west and or south seems the drum and trout have cooperated and the cold northern blows have made the stripers more cooperative. We landed 12 nice rock at the inlet bridge up to 15lbs back a couple weeks, the sound bridges have been active with a 20 fish afternoon being the best. Yes surprisingly some of the fish have been up to 30" which in my experience back there is unusual! Picked out some sheepshead, tog, and taylor blues as well. Best trip would of been one of those days when nobody thought the weather would let us go but we got the window and landed 100 speckled trout, 7 red drum, 7 flounder, and plenty of blues as well.

There was a couple tough trips as well when we went up the sound for the rock and found tide against winds and picky biting rock. And we did have one rod launching but we got over that one even though it was a $500 loomis. All rods we fish are gloomis (Brian and Sarah flat and fly girl got me rigged up with that prostaff years ago and I have really enjoyed that as well.) and that just happened to be my best one. Well thanks to everyone for still fishing with me! I appreciate that and look to seeing you guys again next fall! I will try to get more vids up to show the action we have been having.


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