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Dec 2nd, fished this afternoon and we got them, fat ones 37, 36, 35, 35, 34, 33 are the weights of the ones we kept. We needed this because the last couple of half day trips were big bummers with sharks and no stripers. These fish were caught trolling off Nags Head. We also got the privilege of jousting with omega proteins the giant menhaden boats with little sci fi like scooter purse seiners and spotter planes all fighting for the same resource.

We literally had these giant boats setting all around us netting the uhumm bunker for fertilizer processing. Its 2008 and I get to continually watch the wasting of "resources" They were aggressive and very good fishermen. I guess it was legal bycatch and all. I will try to show what crummy photos I got when I get a chance. Truth be told. We gotta save the crumbs. Thanks everyone!

These guys took their dad fishing just before T-day and only caught one striper but it was a 40lb good one.

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