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Off today with a good crew and up the beach we go out at first light 22 miles up the beach all slick calm and then Doa Donnie and myself got blasted by a straight "black wall of death" The front that was to come in during the evening came early. We had to do the big u turn and get back to the inlet. We fished a little around the inlet but the foul weather took our stoke and lack of bites took us back to the dock for an half day on an all day trip. Getting your butt kicked and washed around for some fish is no good. I am more interested in you guys having a good time catching fish and not getting your butt kicked.

If you want the washing then washing you can get like the poor two guys that were holding on the floating cooler for 45 minutes that were lucky enough to rattle off a cell 911 call to notify the coast guard who asked me if I had seen a boat who got their butts saved by the dredge who saw them from the bridge.

Fishing however has been tough. Weather has been non cooperative. I hope to get some opportunity to run up the beach looking for some more fish. Finally looks like I get to try tomorrow. I thank everyone for fishing hard and picking out a few and making the most of the bites we have had around Oregon -Inlet NC.

Gotta a trout trip this week and a few striper trips so I will promise to update quicker. Talked to Ches a few hours ago and he fished for the big trout in Va. Try to get some pics and updates when we can! Thanks everyone for fishing hard and supporting us!!!

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