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Merry Christmas to your and your families! May peace and joy fill your hearts!

May mirror lures, coastas, gift certificates to TW's, rock solid tees, and cobia bucktails fill your stockings and line your trees!

Here was another shot of another day of whacking speckled trout! Fish ranged from 3-6.5 lbs. These were landed from a little creek mouth. Ches and myself had a ball! After Christmas the trips pick back up and between Oregon-Inlet, Little Creek out of Chesapeake bay Virginia, and little boat trout whacking we should keep you with some nice options till spring.

Talked with buddy Lee on the Gouger yesterday and he hit the big Red drum 30-50lbers off Hatteras as well. I have not looked but have heard the reports of the guys that went up early to Virgina have been enjoying a good striper trolling bite. Merry Christmas everyone!

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