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Boca Grande, Fl.

19 Dec., 2008

Ron Whiteley, of Rotunda, fished with Capt. Pete Greenan off the beaches of Gasparilla Island on Thursday for false albacore. After finding breaking schools of false albacore just north of Stump Pass, we caught two very nice fish. Both fish fell to a fly. Ron's fish, weighing about 12 lbs. came to an Estaz marabou and Capt. Pete's fish took a blue-backed Crease fly on top.

Upon examination we understood why the fish were so tough to catch. The cooler water prevented large schools of anchovies from coming to the top and reduced their numbers. Most fish we observed were striking ballyhoo or half-beaks. By using larger flies and a very fast strip we were successful. The fish fed from about 8:00 AM to noon after which they disappeared. The warm weather we are currently experiencing may enhance the numbers of fish and the amount of bait available.

These are very exciting fish well worth the effort to fish them. I suggest an 8 wt. or 9 wt.fly rod with 40 lb. Fluorocarbon leaders. If there is a lot of small bait around use a two inch brown backed minnow imitation that sinks well. If bait is scarce and the fish are still breaking, try a longer, brighter imitation closer to the surface. Tie the flies on stout hooks and use a reel with a good drag because these tough fish run fast and long. To get to the fish, take time to observe their direction and speed then try to anticipate where they will show. Rafting birds on the water usually sit over submerged bait schools waiting for the action to start. Wait with them and you should have fish breaking very close by.

Fish Hard,

Capt. Pete

Capt. Pete Greenan

2416 Parson Ln.

Sarasota, Fl. 34239



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